The Ritual series comes to an end

It’s been a while I wrote on this blog. However, I have been working on different projects and freelance commissions. So drawing has just been a hobby or “a way to escape from reality”. The good news is that I have finally finished a project I have been working on for more than 4 years. The reason why it took so long to finish?
1. Work and other projects
2. Lack of time
3. Lack of ideas and inspiration
4. Been far to lazy

The important thing is that the project is finish and it has been pretty fun to work on the Ritual series. I have learned and developed different ways to work with depth, perspectives and black values.

Looking through all of the results, I have to say that my favorites are Ritual V, Entering the ritual and Ritual I, Valley of the snakes. I have enjoyed working on this drawing series, but I will probably never do it again unless it is for a commission or work. I hope you have enjoyed the ritual Series and that it has given you ideas and motivations to also create something. Don’t forget to watch the entire speed painting on my channel on Youtube ( and subscribe.

Cheers and stay tuned. - See more at:

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