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When did you start drawing?
I been interested in drawing and animation since I was a little boy. So today I have just kept my interest going.

Where do, your inspirations come from?
My inspiration comes mostly from another artist or the daily life. But in general inspirations comes from anywhere, even from a silly idea.
I also get inspired and motivated to create, paint or illustrate ideas by watching movies or just being with other peoples.

How long does it take to finalize art works?
It depends on what I am designing or painting. Sometimes it takes just couple of hours and sometime more than 25 hours. I do not count; I simply estimate the time.

What is your profession?
Well… I did graduate as a 2D artist/ compositor. For those who do not know what it is, let me put it this way.
A compositor works in the field of postproduction for movies (editing, animating creating visual effects for movies etc.).
However I also got interested in web design in 2010, so I have learnt and is still learning HTLM, CSS and PHP on my own.