Client List

My work and clients range from flyers, illustrations, editorial illustrations for music videos, stage design , websites, logos, advertising concepts, and everything in between.

Company, private persons, music artist, production studios and projects I have worked with.

Örebro TV, First Choise Production, Everyday Media, S.Folyano, Myhair, Betaniakyrkan, Gallery 4 Design, Keytagin, Zelcio, Simelan, Minicartoni TV, 3D Top Free

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About me

Compare to other kids, I had high ambitions when I was growing up. My dream was to become an architect. But during the age of 9-10 a teacher courage me to continue developing my creativity, and passion.

Many of my ideas comes from watching movies, so the choice to study visualization and media design in University of Jonkoping, Sweden came quite easy. Specializing in digital compositing turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

In 2008 I also found interest in web design and improved my programing skills with time. Today I work as as a freelance front-end developer.

Beside Photoshop, After Effects and Eyon Fusion I believe my mind is the greatest tool I got for expressing and visualizing works.



Apple iMac and HP Envy

Adobe CS6

 Wacom Intuos5